Veritas In Academia

Serving homeschoolers through Catholic tutors.

Registration Process

The annual VIA family membership must be completed before class registrations are processed.  The membership application consists of a waiver form, an annual fee, and the Family Registration form agreeing to the Statement of Faith and the terms and conditions found in the VIA Policies Page. The family registration fee and form may be submitted before, or at the same time as class registrations. However class registrations will not be processed until all other paper work is accepted. Early registration discounts only apply to those that have completed the annual family registration process.

Registration notes:

  - Catechesis of the Good Shepherd 1 Is full.
  - A Children's House 1 is full. 
  If you wish to get your child(ren) on the waiting list send in all registration materials as normal and you will be notified if/when an opening occurs.

    - A Children's House 2 is full.

  - Registration is closed.  If still interested in signing up after late registration, please email us at

  - Catechesis of the Good Shepherd 2 is full.

Steps For Registration Completion

  • View class schedule and detailed class descriptions.
  • Print out, and complete the class registration page. For a study hall(s), please note the period(s) in the space provided.
  • Submit the registration form, together with separate checks for each individual tutor, to the address indicated on the Family Registration form..
  • If registering for more classes at a later date, simply submit another registration form

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