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VIA Senior High & Junior High Events

We've loved every minute of it!

2016 Winter Swing Dance

The evening includeded: swing lessons, Mass, the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, a chivalry talk for the guys and a purity talk for the girls, a fantastic four course dinner, and social time.

Father and Son Dodgeball

This event was one crazy evening with Mass, pizza, desserts, dodgeball, floor hockey, scatter-ball, and a father son face off. Hey, the perfect time to let off a little steam with your son!

Highscool Movie Night

Pre-Easter the VIA highschoolers gathered together to watch Mel Gibson's The Passion. Though at times difficult to watch, each student went to Mass before hand, had a nice dinner, got the jitters out with games and social time, and then afterwards participated in deep conversation with a SJV seminarian regarding the movie, morals of the Church, and life as human beings perceive it.

January Movie Morning

Proceeding the return to regular VIA Tuesdays, the second Tuesday in January was the first ever Movie Morning. When you think movie, you don't usually think morning, but this morning was a special one! We watched Lorenzo's Oil, ate popcorn, and shared some thoughtful discussion.

High Noon

Well, it actually wasn't at noon, it was after the 5 o'clock mass on Saturday evening. The male VIA high-schoolers and their fathers gathered for food, dodge-ball, and Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly in High Noon.

A Man for All Seasons

Back by popular demand was the Father & Son movie night. As always, the discussion was lively, the games intense, and the food delicious.

2nd Annual VIA Swing Dance

Imagine yourself in a crowded club, caught between the juke and the counter. Cigar smoke wafts through the air - hopefully the smoke detectors aren't working. The band strikes up a lively beat, as you desperately try to break away from the trucker who's telling you about what happened to him in Reno, in order to dance with the girl you haven't been able to take your eyes off of across the room. ...alright, it wasn't like that, but the VIA highschoolers still had a rollickin' good time with Mass, dinner, and wonderful dance instruction.

2018 VIA Winter Swing Dance

You know any night is going to go well when it starts with the Virginia Reel, unless of course you can start the evening with participation in the Divine Liturgy. This is exactly what the VIA highschoolers did. We began with mass at 5pm which was followed by a nice dinner at 6:30, and was concluded by an evening of wonderful dancing.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

On May 5th, 2018 VIA held it's first ever Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. The evening began with an awesome Mexican dinner and was followed by pinatas, games, and desert.
We celebrated Jesus' birthday with food, friends, music, and games. The party was a hit with a white elephant gift exchange to close out the evening. Merry Christmas!

Special VIA Lunches

  • Priest and Pizza guests including: Fr. John Gallas, Fr. Scott Carl, Fr. John McCabe, and a very special visit from Fr. Tom Sullivan of the Fathers of Mercy!

  • Sister and Salad guests including: Sr. Mary Kate Director of MN Schoenstatt Girls Youth