Veritas In Academia

Serving homeschoolers through Catholic tutors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does VIA mean?

A: Veritas In Academia (VIA for short), comes from Latin, meaning: Truth in the Academy. VIA is an acronym. It is also Latin, it means: The way, which refers to Christ being the way.

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (NAB John 14:6)
Q: Who needs a VIA Family membership?

A: Regardless of whether one student is taking one workshop, or four children are going to take full class loads both semesters of a school year, the family needs to apply for and pay for an annual membership.

The membership must be renewed once a year regardless of how many classes/semesters your family will be participating in.

Q: Does my family need to be a VIA member in order to participate in events?

A: Yes. All VIA event participants must belong to a current VIA member family. Students do not need to actively be taking a class, only the family registration fee and form must be up to date for the year.

Q: Is VIA doing anything to help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2?

A: Yes. While it is true that children are far less likely to spread (based on the studies referenced here) and apparently less likely to get covid-19 (  we are implementing the following steps, at least for the beginning of the 2020 Fall semester:

  • In person classes that have a conventional classroom setting (i.e. sit at desks or tables) will practice social distancing between desks/seats,
  •  Hand sanitizer will be readily available in all classrooms and the family study/lunch room,
  • Classes that have group projects, such as the Lego Robotics class, will employ the "pods" method employed by the Minnesota State Highschool League for sports team practices (and in fact with much smaller sizes).  This will allow group work to continue while minimizing large group interactions.
  • Different age group class times will be shifted so that the students of different age groups will not be passing in hallways at the same time,
  • Lunch starting times will be staggered by age/grade  11:10  6-9 year olds, 11:20  4-6th graders, 11:30  7-12th graders, 11:40  3-6 year olds.
  • For the purposes of protecting tutors and parish staff working in the school building VIA reserves the right to ask parents to wear a mask if they are in the hallways to pick up students.